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Welcome to the website of Catherine Edmunds, musician, artist and writer. Here you will find details of many of her publications and samples of her artwork. If you would like to contact her, please email cathyedmunds[at]msn[dot]com.

Share the Darkness

Catherine is delighted to be playing fiddle with Irish band, 'Share the Darkness'. We're twiddling our thumbs at the moment due to the coronavirus, but as soon as we get the go ahead, we'll be back!

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Naked Gardening for the Over-fifties


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The visceral quality of Edmunds’ work left me staggering. These are words built with street pianos, sirens, sex, bone and blood. We rattle through stations between fire skies and seas hurting themselves against rocks, always aware our train could be thrown off the tracks. Powerful, vivid and urgent, these are poems with teeth.

 Angela Readman

Here we have urgent, quick-moving, immediate poems where surrealism is strikingly juxtaposed with the everyday, humour with an underlying sense of menace, tenderness with despair. In this collection Catherine Edmunds shows her mastery of narrative with its tantalising hints of back stories and endings that startle with unexpected shocks and twists. How to Win at Kings Cross offers  us a variety of voices and styles in poems that are vibrant and witty. These are poems for today."

Mandy Pannett

This is a startling collection from Catherine Edmunds. It crackles with high voltage poems, playful with form and language but full of passion, haunting qualities of memory and a fascination with those people and places that exist on the peripheries but here are given the poet’s unblinking and remarkably empathetic attention.

Andy Willoughby

The Driftwood Tree

A story of determination amidst civil war, religious dogma and honest to goodness people who treasure their land. This collaborative novel by John Benn and Catherine Edmunds is illustrated throughout with line-drawings and poetry.

One river to cross one path to follow homeward

Ireland 1916, Peder O’Brien discovers the body of his mother after the lynch-mob left her hanging from the punishment post. The lad determines to extract justice in his own way. 

Catholicism rules, but in the small town of Rossdore, amid the wind-blasted peninsulas of Munster’s coast, Peder determines life goes on. His is a verdant land where the mountains come down to the Atlantic and every vista is Elysian. Peder and his fisherman mate Calum are part and parcel of the community. Little Jo and big sister Mary Anne are always busy, as are Hannah and Martha keeping their offspring in line; but it is nurse Lizzie who wins the heart of the inhabitants and is never lost for encouraging – if barbed – words.

Life in Portleán and Carravoe is hardly a picnic, yet villagers are survivors and despite civil war, sectarian bigotry and the ever-present weather, Munster people take courage from their allotted portion and deal with it… hands on.

Rossdore struggled following the Great Famine but Father Jack is assigned to assist and when he tells Peder, “My parishioners have to patch me up every Sunday before I can conduct Matins,” he speaks with a contrite heart and a knowing smile.

The characters that inhabit The Driftwood Tree are staying put in a land where intrepid stories and amicable endings are never taken for granted. Celts, Vikings, wrecked mariners and the locals cling to a tree that isn’t going anywhere. It has drifted far enough to fetch up on the foreshore of Bantry Bay. It’s a grand place to call home.

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As a Jewish child born in Slovakia in 1930, my mother would never have a history that could be remembered in any sort of comfort. By the time she reached her teens, concealment had become essential for survival. Teasing out the details all these years later has challenged us both. This biography covers a period of twenty-five years, starting with my mother’s happy childhood in a comfortable and cultured home in pre-war Bratislava. Her life is destroyed with the inexorable rise of anti-Semitism; her family are deported to death camps while she is hidden in desperate conditions in an orphanage. When at last the war comes to an end, she comes out of hiding, only to be faced with the deep sadness of the loss of so much of her family. She leaves Slovakia for good, flying to England in an RAF bomber with other orphaned children, none of whom speaks any English. And then, bit by bit, she rebuilds her shattered life. Eventually she realises how important it is that future generations are told what really happened. This is where I come in, and this is her story.

ISBN: 9781786101747
Total Pages: 231
Published: 29 September 2015    

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